CCCGA History

1969 – Students from SUNY Albany started the “SUNY Albany Campus Bible Study”.

1972 – Pastor Yang Jian Guo, his wife, and a few brothers and sisters started the Albany Chinese Christian Church (ACCC).

1986 – Some members of SUNY Albany Campus Bible Study started the New York Capital District Chinese Christian Mission.

1988 – The Albany Chinese Christian Church moved its services from the Loudonville Community Church building (374 Loudon Rd, Loudonville) to the Madison Avenue Baptist Church building (901 Madison Ave, Albany).

1991 – The Albany Chinese Christian Church became a member of the American Baptist Church.  Its formal name became Chinese Christian Church of Greater Albany (CCCGA).

– On June 23, church members voted for Chen Qing Fang to be the pastor.

1998 – On March 29, Chen Qing Fang preached his last sermon and moved to Taiwan to serve in a Presbyterian church.

1999 – On March 28, church members voted for Hsia Ming Liang to be the second pastor. He formally began serving in this position on July 1.

2001 – On September 9, church members voted for Philip Woodrow to be the Director of Youth/English Ministry.  He resigned in June 2008 sensing from God that it was time for someone else to lead.

2009 – On January 18, the church voted for Michael Davies to be the next Director Youth/English Ministry.  He began serving on March 15.

2010 – Michael Davies resigned in April and Philip Woodrow resumed the position of Director of Youth/English Ministry.

2015 – On November 8, the church voted for Ivan Yu to be the English Pastor.  He officially began on June 1, 2016 after he served as a Pastoral Intern since 2014.