CCCGA History

1969 – Students from SUNY Albany started the “SUNY Albany Campus Bible Study”.

1972 – Pastor Yang Jian Guo, his wife, and a few brothers and sisters started the Albany Chinese Christian Church (ACCC).

1986 – Some members of SUNY Albany Campus Bible Study started the New York Capital District Chinese Christian Mission.

1988 – The Albany Chinese Christian Church moved its services from the Loudonville Community Church building (374 Loudon Rd, Loudonville) to the Madison Avenue Baptist Church building (901 Madison Ave, Albany).

1991 – The Albany Chinese Christian Church became a member of the American Baptist Church.  Its formal name became Chinese Christian Church of Greater Albany (CCCGA).

– On June 23, church members voted for Chen Qing Fang to be the pastor.

1998 – On March 29, Chen Qing Fang preached his last sermon and moved to Taiwan to serve in a Presbyterian church.

1999 – On March 28, church members voted for Hsia Ming-Liang to be the second pastor. He formally began serving in this position on July 1.

2001 – On September 9, church members voted for Philip Woodrow to be the Director of Youth/English Ministry.  He resigned in June 2008 sensing from God that it was time for someone else to lead.

2009 – On January 18, the church voted for Michael Davies to be the next Director Youth/English Ministry.  He began serving on March 15.

2010 – Michael Davies resigned in April and Philip Woodrow resumed the position of Director of Youth/English Ministry.

2015 – On November 8, the church voted for Ivan Yu to be the English Pastor.  He officially began on June 1, 2016 after he served as a Pastoral Intern since 2014.

2019 – On January 26, Pastor Ivan Yu was ordained by the church with Rev. Huaiqing Chen, Rev. Wei Feng, Rev. Ming-Liang Hsia, Rev. George Lee, and Rev. Sean Pierce on the ordination council.

– On January 29 at 10:23pm, Pastor Hsia Ming-Liang went to be with the Lord.  He faithfully loved the Lord, His people, and faithfully shepherd the flock.  Pastor Hsia had been the pastor of CCCGA for the past nineteen years. We will see him again in heaven in the future.

2020 – On October 11, Pastor Ivan Yu resigned as the English Pastor and was called by God to serve in Massachusetts.

2020 – In November, the church voted for Pastor Daniele Ferritto to be the interim English Pastor.

2022– On January 16, church members voted for John Zhang to be the third pastor. He formally began serving in this position on February 27.

2023 – On July 1, Pastor Daniele Ferritto resigned.