English Ministry History

2001 – On September 9, church members voted for Philip Woodrow to be the Director of Youth/English Ministry.  He resigned in June 2008 sensing from God that it was time for someone else to lead.

2002 – The Praise Team ministry was formed for youth to serve and lead the congregation in worship.

2007 – English Services moved from 9:30am in the basement to 11:15am in the sanctuary.

2009 – On January 18, the church voted for Michael Davies to be the next Director Youth/English Ministry.  He began serving on March 15.

2010 – Michael Davies resigned in April and Philip Woodrow resumed the position of Director of Youth/English Ministry.

– In November, the English Ministry observed its first International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church.  Since then, the end of service on the first Sunday of every month is dedicated to a sharing about a particular persecuted individual or country and praying for them.

2012 – Official Friday night fellowship for the youth was started by Huiping Zhang, Eric and Eunice Ting.

2013 – In June, the English Ministry began having its own separate schedule and guest speaker for CCCGA’s annual retreat.

2014 – In January, Ivan Yu began serving as a Pastoral Intern for the English Ministry as he studied at the Northeast Branch of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Schenectady, NY for his Master of Divinity.

– In the beginning of the fall semester, God brought in many college students and working young adults.  Foundations Young Adult Fellowship began.

2015 – In February, the youth voted for Mustard Seed Fellowship as the name for Friday Night Fellowships.

–  Since 2010, the English Congregation had its own Good Friday program, separate from the Chinese Congregation.  On April 3, 2015 the English Congregation officially began holding its own Good Friday Services in the basement.

– On November 8, the church voted for Ivan Yu to be the English Pastor.  He officially began on June 1, 2016, after he served as a Pastoral Intern since 2014.

2019 – On January 26, Pastor Ivan Yu was ordained by the church with Rev. Huaiqing Chen, Rev. Wei Feng, Rev. Ming-Liang Hsia, Rev. George Lee, and Rev. Sean Pierce on the ordination council.

2020 – On October 11, Pastor Ivan Yu resigned as the English Pastor and was called by God to serve in Massachusetts.

2020 – In November, the church voted for Pastor Daniele Ferritto to be the interim English Pastor.

2023 – On July 1, Pastor Daniele Ferritto resigned.