How to Prepare for Online Worship

To prepare for worshiping online together, we offer the following thoughts:

1. Prepare your heart. Get everything set up a few minutes early so that you can prepare your heart to worship through expectant prayer.

2. Prepare the physical space: clear away any clutter or distractions.

3. Prepare your device: if you are joining the service on your computer, turn off notifications. If you are joining in on your mobile device, activate “do not disturb.” Don’t let a stray text message interrupt or take away from your worshiping the Lord with other brothers and sisters.

4. Worship is about engagement, not entertainment. Worship at home however you would worship at the physical church. Now is not the time to grab a favorite snack, or check your social media. Worship is not a spectator event, you are participating in worship!

5. Instead of grabbing your favorite snack, have your Bible ready, along with something to take notes. Bring a humble heart eager to hear from the Lord.

6.  We can worship the Lord through offering and the giving of our gifts. If you have not set up online giving, consider doing so as the Spirit leads.

7. Come together with your household. If there are others in your household who plan to join in for worship, consider coming together to worship in front of the same screen. Get ready to praise God, hear God’s word, and experience the Holy Spirit together.

We hope you will join us for our online worship services, and that you will be blessed. And as we figure out how to do worship online in this day and age, may the Lord guide us into deeper knowledge, love, and experience of Him together.